Our Web application, developed entirely by FRIENDLY EAGLE SOFTWARE INC., offers the full set of features (real-time mapping, device info, device commands, historical trails / breadcrumbs, configuration of geofencing alerts, event alerts, reports, settings). We are also providing a mobile application (EAGLE GPS Mobile - for Android and iOS) with the basic features of Web application (real-time mapping, device info, device commands, historical trails / breadcrumbs) and in addition, with the ability to track people using their own mobile devices - therefore acting as virtual GPS devices (trackers) - transmitting the following data to our Web server (depending on mobile device capabilities, configuration and user permissions, e.g. Location services): Mobile Device ID, User ID, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, Speed, Date/Time (UTC). Some devices may not have the ability to determine Altitude, Heading or Speed. Users are in full control of data transmission, with the ability to start or stop it anytime. No information is transmitted from the mobile device outside the scope of the application indicated above. The mobile app is designed to run in the background or even after logging out. The frequency of data transmission implies the monthly cost (server bandwidth and database storage). A User Name and Password are required to access the Web application (same user name and password for the mobile app) - please contact us to sign up for one. No long-term contracts (month-to-month). Both applications (Web and mobile) have been developed by us - in Canada. Our cloud servers and backups are located in Canada and are managed by a professional team. All user data resides in Canada and we do not share it with any third-party. For additional details, please visit our Privacy Policy.
install on Android devices
install on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
Installations could be as simple as plug-and-play (OBD II devices) - just a device insertion in the OBD port, or advanced - requiring certain wiring. When accessories or special wiring are needed (starter disable, driver FOB, SOS button, sensors, etc.), proper evaluation is required - therefore implying a customer-specific cost. A monthly subscription plan is needed for every device, depending on cellular data upload frequency to our Web server. The overall cost is mainly a combination of: device cost (one time fee), device installation cost (one time fee) and monthly subscription plan (recurring) - all including access to our Web application and technical support. Please contact us to provide a quote tailored to your needs. We may be able to provide additional device types from the same manufacturer - just ask us!
Below are our featured hardware devices - click the corresponding tab for details and PDF icon for specifications / features. All customers get access to our Web application.