We are providers of GPS tracking devices completely preconfigured to connect to our 100% Made in Canada Web-based software, our cloud servers being hosted in a reliable location in Alberta and managed by a professional team. In order to access our software through our LOGIN section you need to own at least one activated product connected to our software platform. The tracking software has been created and is supported by FRIENDLY EAGLE SOFTWARE INC., committed to excellence and responsive customer support.

Please visit our GPS TRACKERS section to discover what we have to offer and see how our products could meet your needs. Although installations could be as simple as plug-and-play (e.g. OBD II devices, requiring a simple insertion of the device in the OBD port), sometimes accessories or special wiring may be needed (e.g. driver FOB, panic/SOS button, starter disable, etc.) or custom software features - all those needing proper evaluation and therefore implying a custom cost - please contact us to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

For mail deliveries, our address is:
Friendly Eagle Software Inc. / EAGLE GPS
PO Box 71570 Oxford Park PO
Edmonton, Alberta T6V 0E3
For e-mail correspondence, to request technical support or to simply provide us valuable feedback, send us a message to:
For a potential full-time or contractual position - as installer (wiring of GPS trackers) or software developer (C#/.Net/HTML/JS/CSS/Xamarin/SQL), please send us your resume to:

Thank you and have a wonderful day!